How Much Is A Visa To Turkey?

The price of the Turkey visa differs based on a few factors, including the traveller’s nationality and the selected visa type.
The most convenient Turkey visa to get is one of the available Turkey eVisas that are part of the Turkey eVisa system.

The Government of Turkey introduced the eVisa system to help facilitate the process of obtaining the required travel authorization switching to an entirely online procedure and therefore eliminating all Embassy visits.

Turkey eVisa costs either:

  • 69 Euro,
  • 99 Euro,
  • or 129 Euro.

The price of the electronic Turkey visa is based on the applicant’s nationality and comes in the above-listed variations.
Since the whole application process for eVisas can be completed from home, travellers can skip the troublesome Embassy visits and save money on getting to different institutions.

The price of the regular Turkey visa can be higher than that of the Turkey eVisa and may differ depending on the selected specific Embassy visa type.

Requirements for The Turkey E-Visa
How much is the Turkey eVisa

How can I cover the Turkey eVisa issuing fee?

Travellers who are eligible to use Turkey eVisas and wish to apply for one, can cover the applicable issuing fee using any preferred method of online payment.

You can use:

  • a credit card
  • a debit card
  • PayPal
  • PayU
  • Any other convenient online payment method available

What happens after paying the Turkey eVisa fee?

Covering the eVisa issuing fee results in the applicant receiving a confirmation number, delivered directly to their email inbox.
The confirmation number can then be used for checking the progress of one’s eVisa application processing.


Turkey eVisa application process

Turkey eVisa application process takes place online and consists of three simple steps. Travellers applying for their Turkey eVisa online must have a few staple items to complete this process, including:

  • An active email address
  • An internet connection
  • A working electronic device
  • Access to any online payment method

Prepare the required documents applicable for your nationality and Turkey eVisa type, complete the online application form with up-to-date information, cover the issuing fee, and wait for approval.

How long does the Turkey eVisa process for?

Turkey eVisa processes for up to 72 hours. However, what’s important is that the processing time takes place only during business days.

That is why all applicants are advised to submit their online application forms for the Turkey eVisa no later than 3 business days of their planned departure to Turkey.

Applying appropriately ahead of the intended departure allows the Turkish Government to process your application and issue your electronic visa on time.

How will I receive my Turkey eVisa?

Processed Turkey eVisas reach applicants in PDF form delivered straight to their email inboxes.

After submitting a correctly completed Turkey eVisa application, your electronic visa should get processed within a maximum of 72 hours.

The approved document delivered in PDF form should then be downloaded and printed out before departing to Turkey.
Appropriate Turkish authorities will be checking if each traveller has a separate valid eVisa in paper form upon their arrival.