Turkey Visa for Green Card Holders

A holder of a green card is a person who has a permanent residency in the United States of America. Therefore, holders of the US green card are allowed to live and work in the US.

If you have a valid green card and you are planning a trip to Turkey, at some point you may wonder whether you can do it visa-free. In this article, we will explain it all and dispel any doubts related to the Turkish visa application process .

What will probably be the most confusing part is the visa application process itself. It may differ according to the country of origin of the visa applicant. Anyway, US green card holders must obtain a visa to travel to Turkey. However, the great news is that they can do it entirely online!

Passport holders of over 60 countries, including the US, who hold a valid green card can apply online for a Turkish e-Visa. The e-Visa application is straightforward and requires no embassy visits. Moreover, it will not take more than a couple of minutes.

In turn, those not listed among eligible ones for an electronic visa to Turkey will need to visit the Turkish embassy or consulate to arrange a visa in a traditional way.

Turkey e-Visa types

There are two types of e-Visa to Turkey available depending on the nationality of the applicant:

  • a single-entry visa : for a stay up to 30 days
  • a multiple-entry visa : for a stay up to 90 days
  • No matter the country of origin, the e-Visa holder can use it only for tourism or business purposes . Any other travel purpose requires submitting an application for a regular visa in person at the Embassy.

    Documents required for Turkey online visa application

    Requirements that your passport must meet
    Documents required for Turkey online visa application

    The following documents are necessary for a successful e-Visa application:

  • Photo : take a photo of your face using your smartphone or web camera
  • Passport : make sure you have a passport that will not expire for at least 6 months from the date of your planned arrival in Turkey
  • Green Card Copy : take a legible scan of your valid Green Card
  • Valid means of online payment : you can choose from many different payment methods, e.g. debit/credit card or Paypal.

    Follow the below steps to enjoy the successful application for your Turkish e-Visa and get it delivered directly to your email address:
    1. Click the ‘Apply Online’ button and go to the online form.
    2. Enter all the required data, including your personal and travel-related details. Double-check all the provided information for errors.
    3. Upload the supporting documents (your face photo, Green Card scan).
    4. Proceed with payment of the e-Visa fee.
    5. Finally, submit your online application further.

    The standard processing time for Turkish e-Visa applications is 3 business days . However, on average the applicants can enjoy the approval within 19 hours .

    Once your e-Visa is approved, you will receive an email with a PDF file . Do not forget to print it out and carry a physical copy for your trip.

    Turkey e-Visa validity and allowed period of stay

    Requirements relating to your length of stay
    Turkey e-Visa validity and allowed period of stay

    All types of Turkish e-Visa are issued for 6 months . The allowed period of stay, however, depends on the visa type you are a holder of – 30 days for a single-entry visa, and 90 days for a multiple-entry visa.

    US citizens as eligible for multiple-entry visas to Turkey can enter the country numerous times and are allowed to stay there for up to 90 days (3 months).

    Cost of the Turkish e-Visa

    The Turkish visa fee is 99 Euro for all US citizens. The price depends on the applicant’s nationality and the type of e-Visa they are eligible for.

    The fee can be covered using one of the available methods of online payment , e.g. PayPal, debit/credit card.

    Transit Information

    Green Card holders who plan to enter Turkey only for transit reasons without leaving the transit zone do not have to obtain a Turkish e-Visa. The only document they will need to have is a valid passport .

    Nevertheless, if you wish to leave the transit zone when waiting for your connecting flight to your final destination, do not forget to obtain an electronic visa before your trip.

    Other important information

  • A single e-Visa can be assigned to only one traveler
  • The validity of e-Visa to Turkey starts on its issuance date
  • Travelers need to submit an online application at least 72 business hours prior to the planned trip to Turkey
  • A valid passport and a printed copy of a valid visa will be required upon crossing the Turkish border
  • Visiting Turkey for employment purposes requires obtaining a regular visa
  • Extending an electronic visa to Turkey is impossible, while overstaying it may lead to serious legal consequences