PLF Turkey

What is the Passenger Locator Form for Turkey?

Passenger Locator Form for Turkey, also known as the Turkey Entry Form is an online health declaration that serves as an obligatory document to have upon entering Turkey since March 2021.

The form must be completed online within 72 hours of the planned arrival to Turkey by providing essential personal, contact, and travel-related details online.

The Turkey PLF is required from every incoming visitor to Turkey to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 and assist the Turkish authorities in their efforts to keep everyone safe during the ongoing pandemic.

Please do remember not to fill out the Turkey Entry Form earlier than 72 hours before the intended arrival time in Turkey. Submitting the application earlier may result in some problematic issues upon entering the country. Turkish customs officials will thoroughly check the correctness of data entered in the Passenger Locator Form.

General Information about the Passenger Locator Form to Turkey

What should I prepare to apply for the Entry Form for Turkey?

Before completing the Turkish Entry Form, you will need to prepare your valid passport and all the details about your upcoming trip to Turkey, including your:

  • planned departure date,
  • way of entering Turkey,
  • airline/transportation company name,
  • address of stay in Turkey,
  • phone number.

The form also requires travelers to provide information on the countries they have visited within the last 10 days.

Remember that all the data provided must be correct and relevant. That is why it’s best to double-check it before submitting it for approval.

Who does not need to fill the Turkish PLF?

Travelers who wish to visit Turkey only to continue their journey onto another final destination, i.e., those who transit through Turkey, do not need to fill out the Turkish PLF before visiting the country.

How to Apply for a PLF to Turkey

Entry Form for Turkey

Follow these steps to apply for the Turkey Passenger Locator Form:

  1. Provide your personal information, including your nationality, name, home country, passport number, name, date of birth, and gender into the online form
  2. Put in your contact information (phone number and email address)
  3. Provide the details of your upcoming visit to Turkey, such as your dates of arrival and departure, way of getting to Turkey, the name of the transportation company you plan on using, the address for the stay in Turkey
  4. Provide a list of countries you have visited within the last 10 days

Once all the above-listed information has been put into the Turkish Entry Form, choose any preferred method of online payment to cover the service fee.

Filling and submitting the Turkish PLF is followed by an email confirmation of its completion and a QR and HES Codes issued.

HES Code

Turkish HES code (the Hayat Eve Sığar code) means the Code for Healthy and Safe Travel. Turkish Ministry of Health has implemented the HES code to control and reduce the spread of COVID-19 cases to the minimum.

Every application for the Turkish Entry Form is followed by receiving the individual HES Code to the applicant’s email inbox.

What is more, the HES Code is checked not only upon arrival in Turkey but will be also essential to access many tourist attractions within Turkey.

Other Requirements to Enter Turkey

All travelers, as well as Turkish citizens and residents, must meet a few requirements to enter Turkey without any issues.
Travelers aged 12 and over must have one of the following documents to cross the Turkish border:

  • a vaccination certificate
  • a recovery certificate
  • a negative PCR test result (taken within 72 hours of arriving in Turkey)
  • a negative antigen test result (taken within 48 hours of entering Turkey)

Apart from the above-listed documents, every traveler needs to have a confirmation of a completed Turkey Passenger Locator Form (Turkey Entry Form) to be granted entry into the country.

Some nationalities may also need to obtain a visa before a trip to Turkey.

Please note that the entry requirements may change over time and may differ depending on the traveler’s nationality or countries visited prior to visiting Turkey, especially when it comes to high-risk countries or those of variants of concern.

All of the required documents may be checked both during the check-in procedure, as well as upon arrival in Turkey.